On Saturday I was on my way to a wine tasting get together hosted by a neighbor (same neighbor who signed my name to the pink truck) at our neighborhood clubhouse.  Yah, exciting. Remember wine not whine.  As we arrive, the kids note which cars belong to which neighbors.   Oh good, people we know. […]

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Flashback Friday

It’s amazing what time does for us.  This time last year was so busy, scary, & seemed to be never ending.  Here’s a glimpse of what happened  Now fast forward to today……..workout #3 this week happening today.  While we’re at it how about a hair update too.  Wild little wings I have.  I don’t where […]

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After the final surgery in Dec, I was eager to get released for normal activity. I took the week after Christmas off since I had neglected to take any vacation time.  Spent the week getting the house in order   & had some kiddos over for a play day.  By the time the weekend rolled […]

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Goodbye 2016 

2016 definitely supplied my family with plenty of challenges.  There are those things that you recall years later to talk about, but only remember the around about time.  Well I don’t think anything this past year will lose its actual date stamp.  It’s hard to think about 2016 and not include the last three months […]

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